Roller shutters: All you need to know in 2022


It’s a new year, and you’re weighing up the options for home improvement. What will you prioritise? Comfort, security or energy efficiency? I’m happy (and maybe a little smug) to tell you that roller shutters deliver all three. What’s not to like?

But if you’re anything like me, you’re not going to jump straight in and get your windows fitted with shutters tomorrow. Instead, you will research and make sure you’re getting bang for your buck first. I don’t blame ya! Education is key! 

As a clever koala (Kev’s my name), I’m going to give you the basics on rollers shutters in 2022. First, let’s get to the reasons WHY you should install roller shutters in your home or commercial building. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Benefits of roller shutters in Perth 

You can control the light and sound in your space 

What’s the number one reason people invest in shutters? You can control the ambience of your home by blocking out the sound or dimming the light – this results in a better quality of life! 

Do you live near a busy road? Newborn baby next door keeping you up at night? Maybe you’re a shift worker and need complete silence to sleep during the day. Neighbourly noise can be a nuisance but with shutters, you can reduce noise considerably and keep your peace.

Peace goes beyond noise control. There’s nothing worse than waking up at the crack of dawn because the sun is streaming in through the window! Modern roller shutters allow you to control the light, so next time you need a long, deep sleep, you can roll down the shutters and snuggle in. 

Roller shutters provide insulation 

It reached up to 44 degrees in Perth over the festive season! Aircon helps, but when 46% of air escapes through windows, you’re going to have to keep your system pumping all day long – not ideal. 

What else can you do? Make sure your home is well insulated. Roller shutters seal your windows, so all the cool air stays inside and the hot air stays out – vice versa during winter. As a result, you can rely less on your aircon and heating, saving you up to 40% on energy costs – but more on this later! 

Window protection gives you peace of mind 

Did you know 35% of burglaries happen through a window or broken door? One-third of criminals know their victims. They scope houses to learn routines and suss out the perfect opportunity to gain entry. So it makes sense to cover the windows, right? 

Do roller shutters prevent break-ins? Sure do! Security roller shutters are made out of thick-gauge aluminium and are fitted to the exterior wall of your home, covering the whole window or door. 

Criminals would need to use heavy-duty equipment to cut through tough metal. It would be a loud and time-consuming endeavour and just not worth the trouble! And anyway, once potential intruders see you have roller shutters, they will roll their eyes and think “too hard” and move on to the next house. 

Roller shutters give you privacy

Privacy isn’t usually the first reason people invest in roller shutters, but it’s often one of the things they appreciate once they’re installed. 

Picture this: You’re enjoying the evening news in your PJ’s and drinking your nightly tea. Suddenly you realise a nosey neighbour is staring into your window. You know they’re just curious, but you can’t help but feel exposed. Fair enough! Your home is a safe place, and you deserve privacy. 

Roller shutters give you complete control over visibility. For example, you can leave them half-open in the evening, so you’re still letting in the fresh air while limiting visibility. You can then shut them completely when you go to bed, so you feel safe while you sleep.  

Energy efficiency 

Reducing energy consumption should be a goal for all of us, and rollers shutters help you do that! So you know how I mentioned insulation earlier? Well, better insulation means you can reduce your reliance on air conditioning and heating. 

Roller shutters can save you up to 40% of energy costs which means you’re doing your part to lower green gas emissions as well.

Weather protection 

Living in WA, we would be remiss to mention the weather protection roller shutters provide you. Last winter, we were in the middle of some heavy storms, resulting in property damage from winds, hail, and falling debris. Shutters help you “weather the storm” and reduce the chance of damage. As for fires, shutters also protect your home from debris and heat. 

Modern roller shutters available in 2022

So by now, you’re well aware of the benefits of roller shutters. They give you privacy, security, insulation and control over your environment. You’re interested in investing but want to know what products are available in 2022? 

The latest Perth roller shutters vary in fit, colour, material and operation. At Koala Shutters, we sell aluminium shutters. These are proudly Australian made and cut to size here in Perth – we fit them exactly to your window. Our shutters are long-lasting and come with a 10-year warranty to give you peace of mind. 

When it comes to fit, there’s “in-reveal” (installed within the window opening) or “on wall” (installed outside the window on the wall). You can also choose from manual roller shutters, battery-powered and electrical roller shutters with Wi-Fi and remote control. Yep! You can control your shutters from any room in the house!

Worried about style? Our roller shutters come in various colours, including white, cream, sand, woodland grey, deep ocean blue, grey, monument and black. And our shutters are pretty sleek if I don’t say so myself. 

So, there you go. The lowdown on roller shutters! We install all over Perth. Want to start enjoying the benefits? Reach out for a quote!

– Kev

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