Roller Shutters

Get the best price roller shutters in Perth with a range of benefits for residential and commercial properties.

Energy efficiency

Automate your shutters to make the most of natural light and keep the temperature just right, saving up to 40% on energy costs.

Design and style

Get the view without the wire grilles. The latest evolution in roller shutter designs are made to blend seamlessly with the style of your property.

Home security

Koala’s roller shutters are German- designed and Aussie-made to protect against weather events and deter would-be thieves.

Temperature control

Secure your energy independence with the insulating quality of roller shutters. Stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Qualified shutter installers

Installing automated roller shutters requires a licensed electrician. Choose a certified roller shutter installer to ensure you don’t void your warranty.

Free measure & quote

No cost and no obligation. We’ll measure your windows, test frame suitability, suggest power options, and show you the range, all at your place!

Finance options available

Ready to your install? We can connect you to a range finance options, including ZipPay (subject to standard lending approval).

Local family business

Support local and get local support. Koala is a WA owned and run family business with a long history of specialist electrical installations.

Wide range of colours

We offer a broad range of roller shutter headbox, guides and bottom bar colours to choose from, including but not limited to white, cream, sand, brown, woodland grey, deep ocean blue, grey, monument and black. Please note, colours displayed in the image serve as a guide and there may be a slight variation in actual colour.

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Remote control options available

You can choose different options to control your shutters, including wireless remote controls and manual winders. With a wireless remote control option, you can direct each roller shutter to open and close at the touch of a button from anywhere in your home.

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Roller shutters installed with a 10 year warranty

With many shutters in our range offering a 10-year warranty as standard, and our 10-year guarantee on roller shutter installation workmanship, get peace of mind that your family and business will be protected for the long run. Choose from manual winding shutters, battery powered, electrical-installed or Wi-Fi enabled roller shutters.

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Choose the trusted roller shutter installer in WA

Don’t make your home or business the target for criminals just because it’s the easiest to access. We service the entire Perth Metro, as far North as Yanchep and install residential and commercial roller shutters in retail shops, offices, hospitality venues, holiday properties and more.

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“I can’t thank Koala Shutters enough for an easy and pleasurable experience. They were on time, affordable and super approachable. Awesome job guys.”

William & Olivia , Perth, CBD

“My husband and I live on a busy street and the guys at Koala Shutters came out to give us a quote. They were friendly and didn’t make us feel obliged to sign then and there.  They came back out to us and we’re loving the reduced noise. Thanks Koala!”

Rachael , Riverton, WA

“Excellent service by Adam who visited me at home for a measure and quote – explained their products both windows shutters and solar professionally and no pushy sales here.”

Matt Lore , Joondalup, WA

“Koala Shutters were flexible and available visite my home after work. We really liked the product and are even happier now it’s installed. Cheers boys”

Omar , Joondalup, WA


  • Aluminium roller shutters are estimated to cost between $800 – $2,000, depending on your window size. Every window size is unique and requires a free measure and quote.

  • The width for a roller shutter is measured on the outside of the window from brick to brick. It needs to be measured in two places; the top of the window and the bottom of the window. Should the measurements be different, we take the smallest measurement of the two.

    Height is also measured on the outside from brick to brick. It needs to be measured in two places, the left and the right edge of the window. If the measurements are different, take the smallest measurement of the two.
    Note that roller shutters in WA are mostly measured in millimetres (mm).

  • There are various types of roller shutters based on material, quality and strength rating, but the most common difference is motorised vs manually operated roller shutters.
    Motorised/automated roller shutters are fitted with a motor that raises or lowers the shutters on command. Manually operated shutters are fitted with a winder inside the home and can be turned to raise or lower the shutter as designed.

  • Installing roller shutters in your home has a lot of advantages, namely:

    • Security and break-in protection. Roller shutters act as a visual deterrent and makes it hard for people to break into your home through the glass windows.
    • Insulation. Roller shutters help stop heat from entering or leaving your home, as well as reduce the transmission of noise by up to 10 decibels.
    • Lighting and privacy control. Installing roller shutters gives you control over the amount of light that can enter your home, as well as protect you and your home from prying eyes.
    • Weather proofing. Koala Shutters can supply roller shutters which are weather resistant including storm proof and fire proof options.
  • Installing manual (winder) roller shutters generally does not require any licence. However, if you’re installing automated roller shutters requires a licensed electrician.

    Our specialised technicians are able to install your roller shutter quickly and an electrician is available to hard wire your shutters and ensure they’re certified correctly, without potentially voiding your warranty.

  • A ‘reveal fit’ roller shutter is when the box guide and curtain are installed within the window opening, so from the inside the house looking through the window you’ll see the guide and box. ‘On Wall’ means the guide and box are outside the frame of the widow, meaning it will barely be seen from inside.

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