Aluminium Roller Shutters

Aluminium roller shutters are the most durable and effective anti-burglary solution.

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Enquire before the 30th of November, and if you proceed with the quote, we will deduct $250 off each roller shutter. For more information, please ask our sales representative about this offer when enquiring.

Aluminium is durable

Aluminium is naturally corrosion resistant and one of the most durable and light materials

Heat resistant

Aluminium roller shutters are heat resistant and only melts at only about 1,260 degrees

Quality guaranteed

German-engineered but custom-made to order in Australia ensures quality guaranteed.

Qualified installer

Choose a certified roller shutter installer to ensure you don’t void your warranty.

Aluminium roller shutters are the best choice

Compared to polycarbonate shutters, aluminium roller shutters are more durable and can withstand high pressure and heat application. Aluminium has a longer lifespan and has a melting temperature of 1,260 degrees. To put that in perspective, a deep red flame burns between 600-800 degrees.

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Aluminium shutters are top quality

Our aluminium roller shutters are German-engineered but custom-made to order in Australia ensuring that quality is guaranteed. We offer a 10-year warranty and our installers are certified electricians. Other qualities of aluminium roller shutters include great insulation, long-lasting and resistance to heat and bad weather conditions.

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Aluminium roller shutters for commercial and residential

Our aluminium roller shutters are custom made to order and can be utilised for both residential and commercial purposes. We offer a huge range of colours to choose from and install throughout Perth WA. Contact us today to get your home or business protected against would-be robbers, privacy, noise reduction, temperature control and bad weather.

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“I can’t thank Koala Shutters enough for an easy and pleasurable experience. They were on time, affordable and super approachable. Awesome job guys.”

William & Olivia , Perth, CBD

“My husband and I live on a busy street and the guys at Koala Shutters came out to give us a quote. They were friendly and didn’t make us feel obliged to sign then and there.  They came back out to us and we’re loving the reduced noise. Thanks Koala!”

Rachael , Riverton, WA

“Excellent service by Adam who visited me at home for a measure and quote – explained their products both windows shutters and solar professionally and no pushy sales here.”

Matt Lore , Joondalup, WA

“Koala Shutters were flexible and available visite my home after work. We really liked the product and are even happier now it’s installed. Cheers boys”

Omar , Joondalup, WA


  • In comparison to polycarbonate shutters, yes aluminium roller shutters are expensive. However, they are more durable, longer-lasting, have better insulation and provide efficient security. Hence, why they are slightly more expensive than polycarbonate shutters.

  • The cost of aluminium roller shutters varies due to the size of a window and whether it’s a motorised shutter system or manual will be installed. Therefore, on the low end for a small window, a security roller shutter could start from $900 and for a large window $2000.

  • Yes, due to their durability, aluminium roller shutters can withstand and a considerable amount of force. They are an obstacle that a would-be robber would struggle to break and would need more than a crowbar to do so.

  • Apart from being the best solution against deterring crime, aluminium roller shutters have good insulation, resulting in a reduction from noise from loud neighbours or noisy streets. They also protect against harsh weather elements such as hail and severe storms.

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