Electric Roller Shutters

Control your roller shutters at a click of a button anywhere in your home.

Spring Special Sale

Enquire before the 30th of November, and if you proceed with the quote, we will deduct $250 off each roller shutter. For more information, please ask our sales representative about this offer when enquiring.

Electric motorised

Electric roller shutters with tubular motor technology ensuring maximum efficiency.

Remote controlled

Control your electric roller shutters with a wireless remote control from any room in your home.

Quality guaranteed

German-engineered but custom-made to order in Australia ensures quality guaranteed.

Qualified installer

Choose a certified roller shutter installer to ensure you don’t void your warranty.

Secure your home with electric roller shutters

We provide quality aluminium grade electric roller shutters that easy to open and shut at a touch of a button. Manual roller shutters can be laborious to open and close, plus if you have many installed in your home time-consuming. Electric roller shutters provide peace of mind and convenience for your home.

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Superior quality, durability and efficiency

Tubular motor technology ensures maximum efficiency and quality grade aluminium slats provide guarantee safety from would-be robbers, noise reduction from neighbours and streets, insulation from cold and warm nights, and safeguarding from bad weather including hail.

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Open and close at a touch of a button

Electric roller shutters come with a wireless remote control enabling you to open and close at the touch of a button from anywhere in your home. Change the level of privacy, noise control or reduce the amount of sunlight within a room.

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“I can’t thank Koala Shutters enough for an easy and pleasurable experience. They were on time, affordable and super approachable. Awesome job guys.”

William & Olivia , Perth, CBD

“My husband and I live on a busy street and the guys at Koala Shutters came out to give us a quote. They were friendly and didn’t make us feel obliged to sign then and there.  They came back out to us and we’re loving the reduced noise. Thanks Koala!”

Rachael , Riverton, WA

“Excellent service by Adam who visited me at home for a measure and quote – explained their products both windows shutters and solar professionally and no pushy sales here.”

Matt Lore , Joondalup, WA

“Koala Shutters were flexible and available visite my home after work. We really liked the product and are even happier now it’s installed. Cheers boys”

Omar , Joondalup, WA


  • Compared to manual roller shutters, electric roller shutters are more expensive. There is no definitive price due to variations in window sizes, type of motor, the material, etc. however, for smaller windows prices could start from $900 and for bigger windows $2000.

  • Yes, electric roller shutters will be controlled through a WIFI enabled remote, allowing you to control your shutters (open and close) from any room in your home. Alternatively, you could also have a switch(s) mounted to a wall in the central part of the home allowing you to control your shutters.

  • Electric roller shutters are connected to an electronic control system which is then connected to your homes main power supply. If you have a solar system, your electric roller shutters can be powered through solar.

  • Roller shutters in general need to be maintained (cleaned) to ensure an excess of dust and dirt does not build up and jam. You can spray them with a hose when closed to remove dust and grease the bearings. If your motor does get jammed or imbalanced, we do recommend calling a certified installer to rectify the issue, to ensure you do not void your warranty.

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